Winners of #BrocoSelfie contest

By 6 July, 2015contest

On Friday we had ended the contest #Brocoselfie, in which we rewarded the photos ‘selfie’ more fun with broccoli.

Today we told you what have been the most voted and, therefore, the winners.

The competition created it with a purpose very clear, to show that in summer the broccoli is also seasonal. And this is so thanks to advances in research and innovation, which are being held in the agricultural sector, where, thanks to the different varieties that are developed, we can find broccoli in the market throughout the year.

In total participated 15 people men, women and children of the peninsula Iberica. Of these, only 10 have been winners, thanks to the votes that his friends have made them. In this way, the winners are:

  • Maria illuminated Martinez with 19 votes
  • Pablo Racionero with 14 votes
  • Angeles Béjar with 12 votes
  • Maria Begoña De el Valle with 11 votes
  • Jose Sanchez with 10 votes
  • Diego A. Moreno with 9 votes
  • David Palma with 6 votes
  • Sheila Cerrato with 4 votes
  • Sonia Folgueira with 4 votes
  • Carolina Durán with 4 votes

Congratulations to all the winners!

Shortly we will contact with you so that you receive the prize at home, a Pack Brocolín consisting of 1 our mascot plush and the story the adventures of Brocolin.

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