Types of broccoli

As it is well known, the broccoli is the vegetable par excellence, given the great amount of nutritional benefits that brings us. To learn more, today we will tell you a little more about broccoli and what are their varieties.

Broccoli is a plant of the family of the Brassicas , also called cruciferae. To appeal to this vegetable, in Spanish, used different nomenclatures: broccoli, broquil, broccoli or broccoli, all of them correct according to the RAE. Like all vegetables, broccoli has many different varieties, we will tell you today that there are differences between them:

brocoli_calabreseBroccoli calabrese: is the traditional broccoli. Its name comes from its place of origin Calabrese, a region of southern Italy. Broccoli has some common pendulous racemes and dark green in color with a thick, hard stem. Its size ranges between 10 and 20 centimeters and their average weight is 500 grams. Both its florets as its stem is edible, but usually we only eat the head. It is usually eaten boiled or steamed but, as you already know, in our section of recipes we offer many other alternatives to enjoy the taste of this rich vegetable.



brocoli_chinoBrocoli chinese: also known as ka-i-lan, gai lan or chinese broccoli . Unlike the traditional broccoli is a vegetable with large leaves and flat. Its color is bright, blue-green tone. Their stems are finer than those of the common. Is widely used in the cuisine of China, and especially in Cantonese. It is common prepare it fried, boiled or steamed. And its flavor is more bitter than the traditional broccoli.



brocoli bimiBimi: this is a new “super vegetables” for the Spanish market. In America, Asia and Europe it is known by different names: Tenderstem, Baby broccoli and Broccolini. It is said to be a super broccoli given the amount of nutritional benefits that brings, surpassing the traditional broccoli. Its origin comes from the natural union between the broccoli and the traditional chinese broccoli, hence his way to be a mix between the two. Has a fine stemmed and elongated, such as the Chinese broccoli, and the foil is a bit like a traditional broccoli. You can eat everything. The flavor of the stem is sweet, recalling the green asparagus, and the flavor of the foil is smoother than the traditional of the broccoli. Soon we will make a post in which we talk about especially of this vegetable, since it seems to us very interesting.


brocoli_romanescu Romanescu: is a variety of broccoli, created from the union of traditional broccoli and cauliflower. Its color is green too, but more clear that the traditional broccoli, their bouquets are firm and with a spiral shape. Its flavor is mild but with a more crunchy texture that broccoli traditional. It is recommended that you use in sauteed, and stews.




brocoli_moradoBroccoli purple: also called broccoli of Sicily, is very similar to the common broccoli, except that the trusses have a purple color and are smaller, but its flavor is the same as that for traditional broccoli. It is said that before growing the variety ¨Calabresse¨, the majority of the romans ate a few of these broccoli  purple c.




I hope not to have bored you. Live through the broccoli in all its varieties!

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