The day of love

By 12 February, 2015Tips for moms

The global day of love is close; Saint Valentine.  It’s the day where the love it’s a product.

For us, love is something that is lived and is shown every day of life. Day after day we love and are loved, not only by our partner but also for our family, friends, love to our job and all we do.

Today we are going to take you some ideas to demonstrate love creating craft or cooking.

To start, we will conquer through the palate.

Like a starter we will recommend this salad of hearts.

Source: Joa and Sue



Like a main dish, looks this lovely pizza of broccoli

feb2 3

And to end the meal nothing better than this healthy bowl of multicolored fruit

Tell all you like of them with this post-it organised like a heart.

Source: Pinterest


As love as not only by your couple, you can also send messages to our kids in their walls or doors of their rooms.


With the help of your child, you can do a nice painting for the living room made with a mold of the carton of the toilet paper.

Source: Housing a Forest

And for the  skillful people this lovely mugs personalized

Source: Ciklemfusa



Finally we leave an inspirational phrase from an anonymous that we hope to help you create your perfect day of love:

“Life is not based on love, love makes life.”

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