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Broccoli saladBy Brocoli PassionVideo recipe animated to prepare a great broccoli salad
Broccoli hummusBy Brocoli PassionOriginal prescribes to prepare humus. In this case with broccoli and zuchini. Thanks to Carmen R.
Broccoli gelatinBy Brocoli PassionAn original recipe to enjoy the broccoli with sin in snacks or desserts. Thanks to Carmen R. for helping us to make the recipe
Broccoli and ham pizzaBy Brocoli PassionPizza with broccoli and ham recipe, elaborated by Julian Quiñonero for the contest "original recipes with broccoli"
Broccoli plum cakeBy Brocoli PassionRecipe elaborated by Marta Diaz for the contest "Original recipes with broccoli"
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