Raw vegetables

Why Cook vegetables if we can eat them raw? In today’s post I will talk about the benefits of eating vegetables without cooking, how to introduce this method in our house and I will recommend some vegetables that are delicious raw.

Traditionally, our mothers have cooked most of the ingredients that we brought to the mouth, practically all least fruit. The fruit we consider a food that brings plenty of vitamins, sugars and fiber, essential elements for all types of diets, from the smallest of the house, even for pregnant women. The popular belief that it is healthier not peel the fruit is due to the fact that in the skin are concentrated many nutrients.For example, if you peel off a pear we lose 34% of the fiber it has.

The same is true with the vegetables. They are a very powerful source of vitamins and minerals, but, if we  cook them, we were losing nutrients. This is not to say that when we cook the vegetables we do not provide nutritional benefits, but that we contribute less. A longer cooking time, more amount of properties that we waste (that’s why I always recommend cooking the broccoli only 3 or 4 minutes).

To take full advantage of all the goods that we bring the vegetables, we will give you a few tricks to enter them in our day to day. There are vegetables that we normally eat raw, such as lettuce, cucumber, radish, endive or tomatoes. With them we tend to do a rich salad. Therefore, seize this moment to add other raw vegetables such as:

  • The mushrooms, once washed are surprisingly tasty, and a salad to give it a touch crispy and delicious.
  • Pepper, either yellow, red or green, will bring us to the colorful salad and we will absorb a large amount of vitamin C.
  • The broccoli, the super vegetables with a bitter touch, gives us his high doses of vitamins A, C, B, and its anti-cancer properties.
  • Carrots, to small cubes or grated flavor has a very powerful and we provide antioxidants and beta carotene.
  • Bimi, the new broccoli, with its mild flavor and thanks to that you can eat integer from the stem to the foil, gives us zinc, folic acid, vitamins, and glucosinolates.

This is only an example of the vegetables that we can take raw, we encourage you to be curious and do experiments at home, though, remember wash the vegetables well.

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