Carnival 2015

By 5 February, 2015Tips for moms

10 days before the carnival, we are going to talk about this celebration, his story and some ideas to costume ourselves with craft “Do it yourself”.
The carnival is associated with the countries of catholic traditions, because the celebration had place immediately before the Christian Lent. According to some historians, the origins of the Festival date back to more than 5000 years ago in Egypt and Sumeria.
It can say that the celebrations of carnival are annealed to more global level, according to the National Geographic, are those of Rio de Janeiro, Venice, New Orleans, Cologne and Nice. At the national level, the carnivals of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Cadiz have obtained the status of feast of International Tourist Interest.
The first masks were built and decorated to be used in the rituals performed by primitive peoples. The Egyptians for example, had the belief that if they placed a mask on the face of the deceased that would help them in the transition of eternal life. In contrast, in China, were used to ward off evil spirits and in ancient Greece were used for religious ceremonies.
To save in the creation of our disguise, we recommend to you a few materials 100 % reusable so that ours you sin have cool masks:
Egg-cups as masks:

feb 1 antifaces

Source: Crafstuts
Plates to put on a mask:

feb 1 mascaras animales

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