Kids cooking

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Hello broccoli lovers!

Today we want to talk about something that for us it is very important: include children in the preparation of meals and dinners. From the 2 or 3 years the little ones can help us to create different dishes. We show you how and why we believe that it is interesting to do. Read More

Broccolin at Reina Sofia’s school

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Hello Broccoli lovers!

Today Brocolin is very happy, because last week he was again in Totana, sharing a wonderful day with the boys and girls of the school Reina Sofia. At this school we went thanks to the help of our friend Jaime Calabuig. And it turned out to be a college very large with groups of more than 50 children! We stayed with the students of 1st 4 st of primary. Read More

Broccoli crop

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Hey broccoli lovers!

Today’s post is dedicated to all you have curiosity to know how it was grown broccoli. For us, it s a very interesting subject, because it is one way to understand which is the process that is going on with our favorite vegetable, where it comes from, in which areas of the world is growing and how it enters the field to our plates. Read More